Current Classes Fall 2021

Join Joe Grill and learn his three favorite Artificial Bids. These conventions are an essential part of the modern bidding toolbox. You will get the theory along with many practice deals.

  • New Minor Forcing
    Tuesday November 30 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM
  • 4th Suit Forcing
    Thursday December 2 from 10:00Am to 11:30AM
  • Support Cue Bids
    Friday December 3 from 10:00Am to 11:30AM
  • Notes and Video Recording included
  • $55 for all three sessions

Defense with Dean Panagopoulos
Defense is hard but setting the opponents is fun! We will defend a number of practice deals. This webinar focuses on three cornerstones of good defense.

  • Signaling! - the art of legally telling your partner what cards you hold.
  • Planning! - good defense starts with a plan and we will show you how to put it together.
  • Disrupting! - the declarer has a plan; learn to recognize it and thwart them.
  • Notes and Video Recording included
  • $55 for all three sessions
  • Monday December 13th, Tuesday December 14th and Wednesday December 15th from 4:00PM to 5:30PM

Join Joe Grill for Coached Play.
Get practice on bidding, declaring and defense.
We'll play 6-8 hands on SharkBridge and after each hand we'll go through the auction, declarer play and defense

Every Wednesday morning from 10:15AM to 11:45AM - $10 per class

Weekly discussion after our Newcomer and Novice games. Here is your chance to ask questions about the deals you just played with one of our expert teachers.

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